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We All Help in Different Ways

We All Help in Different Ways
Photo by Katherine Conrad / Unsplash

Austin Kleon recently interviewed Tim Kreider and shared these wise words:

“Are you really helping here? That’s what you ought to be doing if you’re a writer. Or any kind of artist. Helping. Some. And it doesn’t mean cheerful or Pollyanna-ish. Francis Bacon, the painter, was helping. William S. Burroughs helps. We all help in different ways.”

Are you, we, a helper? No matter your calling, vocation, work, or the medium by which you create your art, how can you help others? Dare I say serve others?

I’m struck by the simplicity of going about our tasks and work each day and asking: how can this help someone today? How can I serve someone today?

Sounds like the wisdom of Jesus who said: it’s more blessed to give than receive. The blessing is in the giving, the helping, you get the point.

Let’s be helpers.