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Trojan Horse for the Human Heart

Trojan Horse for the Human Heart
Photo by Tayla Kohler / Unsplash

Bestselling Sci-Fi author Hugh Howey said this about stories:

“Stories are a Trojan Horse for the human heart. Rather than repel them, we gladly bring them inside where they change us from within. The best stories then are the ones that contain truths we would reject in any other form. They are the subversive stories. The ones that feign to entertain while shifting our cores.”

Stories change us. They are the Trojan Horse for the human heart. Jesus told stories for back-dooring truth into our lives. The stories we carry around from grandpa, grandma, and favorite novels and films all have this Trojan-Horse-ness quality to them.

They tend to work from the outside in finding the crevasses of our hearts, souls, and minds. Often uninvited and unexpected.

I’ve found the storytelling in Ozark doing the Trojan-Horse work on me of late. It’s a dark show of drug cartels, lying, stealing, and manipulation, no doubt. But the underling thread of hope, goodness, and light revealed in the main character Marty Byrde played by Jason Bateman is phenomenal. You can see it in his eyes, gestures, and tears.

He wants to do good for his family and others and yet continually falls short. Marty lives with a need to redeem all the things he’s broken. Who can relate? The Apostle Paul said it well:

“For I have the desire to do what is right, but not the ability to carry it out. For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing.” -Romans 7:18-19

Stories change us. They have unexpected power. When God said let me teach you about the beginnings of things. He didn’t say get out a pen and pencil and diagram what I say. He told a story: “In the beginning…”

A lot to consider when we think about writing, communicating, teaching, and expressing ideas. Stories are our Trojan Horse for changing lives, communities, and souls. May we tell a better Story.