Tools of the Trade

Regardless of where you are on the creative journey, I've created some free tools for help along the way. Tools for the head, heart, and hands.

// Get Your Mind Right //

5 Day Writing Mini-Course (Free)

In this course, I share five writing hacks for getting your craft off life support. I've used these actionable and essential tools for writing twenty one books in the last ten years. This is a five day email mini-course. Click the title, image, or link below to get started.

Vintage Corona typewriter upcycled desk lamp

Two Page Publishing Business Plan (Free)

Are you a writer? Stop thinking about your writing as a hobby, and start thinking like a publisher. I've created a simple tool for getting your writing/publishing business from idea to reality. Click the title or image to get started.

UI Wireframe Saturday

// Get Your Heart Right //

10 Rules of Life for The Prolific Creator (Free)

Art and life aren't separate things. We need habits, practices, and rituals that fuel our lives and art. Here are 10 Rules of Life for Becoming a Prolific Creator. Keep it in a safe place, tack it on the wall, and make something. Click image, title, or link below to get started.