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Thy Kingdom Come (Aramaic translation)

Thy Kingdom Come (Aramaic translation)
Photo by Greg Rakozy / Unsplash

Create your reign of unity now-

Through our fiery hearts

And willing hands.

Let your counsel rule our lives,

Clearing our intention

For co-creation.

Unite our “I can” to yours, so that

We walk as kings and queens

with every creature.

Desire with and through us

The rule of universal fruitfulness

Onto the earth.

Your rule springs into existence

As our arm reaches out to

Embrace all creation.

Come into the bedroom of our hearts

Prepare us for the marriage of

Power and beauty.

From this divine union, let us birth

New images for a new world

Of peace.

Create your reign of unity now!

A prayer/poem and creative rendering of “Thy Kingdom Come” from the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic. An invitation to pray for God’s creative and beautiful and powerful Kingdom becomes more visible in our midst as we take part as “co-creators” with the Divine.

More of this, please.