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The Day Music Came Back

The Day Music Came Back

Nothing is better than live music. Nothing is better than live music after a global pandemic. The rock-and-roll band the Foo Fighters performed live at Madison Square Garden for the first time in June. They made a short film about it below.

What struck me as they interviewed fans is the need for connection. People wanted to be together. Even if it required overpriced tickets with 15,000 strangers.

I find it fascinating as survey after survey shows how isolated and lonely we’re becoming in America. The famous book, “Bowling Alone,” confirms as much with plummeting participation in bowling leagues, volunteer organizations, and religious institutions.

People in America try to live under the illusion that we don’t need anyone else. People are an island. The hyper individualism in the West is palpable. But when the pandemic hit, we reevaluated our deep-seated need for relationships, connection, and community.

Rabid fans at a Foo Fighters show proving the point.

I’m not suggesting because of the pandemic Americans will now hold hands and sing Cumbaya, or the latest Foo Fighters songs. Watch the news, or scroll social media, and you’ll come to a different conclusion.

I don't think somehow after a hundred years of hyper-individualism and a shift from “we the people,” to “me the people,” everything is good. Eighteen months of lockdown cured our souls. But I think many people are reflecting on our common humanity and the need for being better neighbors, citizens, and friends.

The pandemic divided the nation on a lot of levels. Politically, socially, and spiritually. But when you get a glimpse of the hunger for connection and celebration at a Foo Fighters concert. You can’t help wonder why we try to live against our nature. Isolation and individualism don’t work because it’s not how we’re hard wired.

Time will tell of what this means for the future of America. But I’m glad artists and musicians are leading the way in helping us get back to living as neighbors, friends, and fellow humans. This will always be a challenge but music has a way of showing how much more we have in common than not.

Thanks Foo Fighters for bringing music back into our lives.