The Best Part of the National Championship Game

The best part of the National Championship Game between Georgia and Alabama wasn’t the celebrations from the winning side (Georgia), as great as these are. It was the public affirmations coach Nick Saban gave two of his players on the losing side.

These two star players were being questioned in the press conference about losing the game and perhaps blamed for the loss. Of course, these men took responsibility for not pulling out the win. But in an act of grace and public affirmation, Nick Saban reminded the press that a life isn’t defined by one game. These young men were part of bringing Alabama to the championship game because of their excellent play all year.

Sports are a lot of things, and a lot of those things are dark, greedy, and self serving. But Saban, in a moment of grace in practice, showed the beautiful side of humanity, sports, and leadership. The rare public praise of another, and we're not defined by a sixty-minute event on a particular day in January.

Saban’s response had a lot of gospel in it.

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