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"Testament" by Boris Khersonsky

"Testament" by Boris Khersonsky
Photo by Thomas Griesbeck / Unsplash

When I die, don’t let me rest

Buried in a grave

Let the waves of fire carry

Me up to the sky.

Let the windy powers dispel

The gray ash, let it scatter

For, no wings are necessary

For this ash to fly.

For no land in all the world

Can be called my own.

Boris writes from Ukraine with an ache and a hunger. A man contemplating death. A man with no roots and no “land” to call his own. A man wondering what’s next?

In America, we sit idle, comfortable, and perhaps at peace. Ukraine not so much.  In America, we debate the merits of Putin-People versus Ukraine-People. It’s a no-brainer. It’s a choice of the good and right. It’s not a political choice per se. Lives are at stake for Russian and Ukrainian people.

Think of the children, women, and men fleeing for their lives with no “land” to call their own. Think of grieving mothers, brothers, and sisters who will never recover from this unjust invasion.

Consider the graves and death coming for us all. We need poems like this in our lives.

May we pray for God to have mercy on us all…

*Poem from LitHub