Inspired by Derek Sivers, this is what I'm spending my time (not all of it) on right now:

+Re-learning how to draw with my kid's. We've been doing family art nights which have inspired all of us to become more creative. You can too.

+Finishing the final draft of a new novel in a new series (not sure the title). Kind of a crime, mystery, thriller, which deals with cults.

+Planting a new church. Our church is working on starting a new church community south of our city. Working on the plans, and praying, lots and lots of praying.

+Working on some plans for a trip to India. Going to do some teaching, and get a look at some ministries/orphanages we support there.

+Thinking, reading, and researching, for a book on the connection between spirituality and creativity, art, etc. Trying to consume more art as well.

+Rebooted this blog/website ( Started fresh, after thousands of articles and posts. It's a long story.

+Trying to do more analog things (me and the family). Writing with pens and journals, listening to records, telling stories by reading aloud, using typewriters, reading print books, minimal social media use, gardening, paying attention to the real world, going for walks, more prayer and meditation.

+Losing weight and getting healthy. I'm down 25 pounds, since January 1, 2019. Trying to move my fat sluggish body more, and cram more fruits and vegetables in my mouth. I don't enjoy either, but I feel better. 5 more pounds to go!

+Taking my wife to New York for my 40th birthday (no kid's, hallelujah). Fighting over a Broadway Show or a Yankee Game. Also planning a trip to Michigan with the family to hang out on a lake, and see some other family. Praying for sanity...

+Building out an online course on how to write a novel in 45 days (

+Weddings, lots of weddings. Between me, and my fellow wedding associates, we'll do 15 weddings between May and October.

+Reading, lots of reading. On track to read 120 books in 2019.

+Trying to pay more attention to my soul, others, and the world.

*Updated May 2019.

Monday Motivation by Ryan J. Pelton