Motivation Monday's #004

Motivation Monday's #004

Hello, friends-

Sorry for missing Monday, but how about a Motivation Wednesday?

How are you? We navigating the never-ending-Apocalypse that is the Pandemic? Each week a battle of fear, anxiety, and unknowns? Too dark an opening?

Well, this thing is no joke. We lost a family friend last week to Covid, and his wife is in the hospital not doing well. Sometimes life is sucky and I resonate with the Psalmist when they cried out: how long, oh Lord?

Sorry to be Debbie-Downer, but let’s not be cavalier about the Pandemic. Be safe out there!

Okay, on to other things. It’s been quiet around the blog of late. But not because of apathy or laziness. Oh no, my friends. I’ve been doing stuff… all kinds of stuff. Let me give a few updates, and other cool stuff worth sharing this week:

  • Podcast: I interviewed poet and teacher Christian Shockley on the pod. We talked about art, faith, and why people resist poetry, but shouldn’t. I also did an episode on Creator’s/Writer’s block. Is it a thing?
  • My Shop: I’ve been working on some tee shirt designs, other art pieces, and sharing on Etsy and other marketplaces. Design and art have been something I’ve done for a long time. But have never shared much to this point. Check out the store and tell me what you think?
  • Books: I’m reading The Writing Life by Annie Dillard, and Word by Word by Marilyn McEntyre, for some doctoral work. Highly recommend for writer’s and creative types, or people who care about words.
  • Watching: the Bob Ross documentary is amazing. Has inspired me to paint and create more. Actor, comedian, and writer Norm MacDonald passed away. I’m watching his comedy special. He was a unique guy and apparently an outspoken Christian. Sad to see him die so young.

Now go and make great art with your life!