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Motivation Monday's #002

Motivation Monday's #002

Hello friends, Ryan here.

I’m hoping your Monday is off to a good start. Here are five things worth sharing this week:

1. Creativity Inspiration: Jeff Garlin on The Moment podcast does a master class on how to excel at your craft. His ideas about doing comedy without an outline are powerful.

2. Writing: I wrote a piece about Roger Ebert after watching a documentary called Life Itself. They based it on his memoir. Interesting guy, and made an enormous impact on the film community for 40 years.

3. Books: I’m working on The Underground Railroad novel by Colson Whitehead. I’m also working on the TV series. Heavy stuff.

4. Watching: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a great story about a washed up actor finding a second career. Quentin Tarantino isn’t my favorite director, but this film works on a lot of levels. I’m also all in on films set in other decades like the 60s and 70s. I also enjoyed this bizarre documentary about an author JT Leroy.

5. Made me cry: Nandi Bushell is a drum prodigy. She played with her favorite band, Foo Fighters, at a show in Los Angeles. Oh yeah, she’s eleven.

Have a great week... and make great art with your life!