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Countercultural Practices

Countercultural Practices
Photo by Boba Jovanovic / Unsplash
“Dwelling, lingering, pondering, listening, praying- these are all countercultural practices. They slow us into a silence that has to be reclaimed, sometimes with fierce intention, from the noise and haste and forward momentum of daily life. Many of us have normalized busyness to the point of chronic overload. Staying with, being still, and coming back rather than going on are spiritual survival disciplines on the choppy seas of distraction.” -ix, Word by Word, Marilyn McEntyre

Dwelling, lingering, pondering, and praying are countercultural practices. You can’t love God or neighbor in a hurry. You can’t make good art while doing your makeup in the car.

The silence can often be deafening in our chaotic and fast-paced world. But the countercultural practice and the way to fight the urge to join the noise is to learn to…

Dwell, linger, ponder, listen, and pray…

We need more of this.