The horror writer Jay Wilburn passed away yesterday. I’m at a loss for words at the passing of a gifted writer, but more importantly, a great human. Jay loved to write and lived a genuine open handed life. He was a man of faith, a loving husband, and a noble father.

I knew Jay from afar, but his life was an inspiration to the writing community. Jay had a genetic kidney disease which required a transplant. Despite morphing into Captain Three Kidney Jay lived with a sense of purpose and divine calling. He left a teaching job to pursue his dreams of being a full-time author whole knowing his days were numbered because of lingering health issues.

Jay danced with suffering, and danced well. But he continued to write and inspire others to keep going. He did it with humor and grace. Jay was the epitome of a blue collar and hard working writer. Never afraid to experiment and be original.

I’ll never forget the willingness of Jay to come on my fledgling podcast a couple of times to talk craft, faith, and how to sell books. He even invited this no-name author on his show (me). Jay was honest and didn’t shy away from the realties of his own suffering, and the challenges of writing for a living.

Jay was one of my writing heroes. A hero on many levels.

I’m grateful for the long distance friendship of Jay, even if only for a short time. He was a talented storyteller and many of his stories will live on. But more importantly, Jay left behind a legacy of faith, compassion, and love for people. We will remember him for being a great artist, and for being a great human.

We need more Jay’s in the world.

Be like Jay.

My Interview on Jay's Podcast

Be Like Jay