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Are the Clippers Cursed (Part 2)?

Are the Clippers Cursed (Part 2)?
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Let me take you back into the time machine on Good Friday. Feeling good, looking forward to our Good Friday service. Wrote a post about the Clippers perhaps being cursed. But who believes in cursed sports teams, anyhow?

I say to myself: why not check the Bleacher Report app and see what’s going down in the world of sports? I’m curious about the Cavs and Hawks score. Then… then… what do I see? What pops up as a headline on the app?

Paul George out for the Pelicans game tonight. I laugh and think to myself: this must be a click bait headline and someone playing a joke, right? Right?

Please God, no. Not on Good Friday. I don’t ask for much, only that once in my lifetime the Clippers will be decent and perhaps win a title. You’ve broken the curse of sin and death and my beloved Clippers are recipients of this grace, right?

No, not right. Paul George the All-Pro forward of the Clippers is out. The only bright spot on a team filled with talented backups and role players. Our best scorer and best defender is out. And to add salt to the wound, George is done because of Covid.

Nothing he can do, nothing he can say, and despite being vaccinated, out. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? (Okay, that’s a bit much, it’s only a game.)

But here we are again. Earlier in the day, I read some analysis talking about the Clippers winning this game at home with ease. The Pelicans are ten games under 500. They lack the depth of the Clips, Yada, Yada. Even after the announcement of George being done, many of the talking heads thought the Clips could handle the young Pelicans. Nope.

The game. Clippers come out aggressive and hang with the Pelicans for most of the first quarter. By the middle of the second, they are down by 16. Clippers fight back and cut the lead to ten by half. Okay, I’ve seen this movie before.

Second half the Clips come out on fire. They erase the ten point lead end up getting ahead by ten and even build to thirteen late in the third. Clippers are looking like the better and more experienced team and will cruise to victory. Nope.

Late in the third, and into the fourth, their defense is falling apart. They can’t make shots and the Pelicans come back and go up by ten. Clippers keep fighting back to no avail. Pelicans 105 Clippers 101. Game, set, match.

My God… My God… are the Clippers cursed? Yesterday afternoon I thought that’s a silly thing to say. Teams can’t be cursed. They can be unlucky and poorly run organizations, but cursed? Here’s the thing: the Clippers are a well run organization. They have talent and coaching and character players. But it never seems to come together for them.

The one chance to make some noise in a season filled with injuries. A play-in game to erase all the cursedness and bad luck of this season. Losing their star players and other role players for a combined 100+ games. All they have to do is win one game at home against a losing team with little playoff experience.

Then your star player gets Covid the day of the game.

Many on Twitter-NBA and in the sports world think the Clippers will be the best team next year if everyone is healthy. With the Clippers it’s always a giant and nasty “we’ll see.”

Are they cursed? I don’t know what they are. But something isn’t right in Clipper-Land. See you next season.