Hello, I'm Ryan...

November 1984. Yes, that was the style in the 80s. 

... and I’m obsessive about helping you make better art, and cultivating a better life...

I'm not sure how you found me, but I'm glad you did.

If you're curious about the whole making better art, and life business, try on this definition. I want to ensure we're on the same page:

Seth Godin said:

“I define art as having nothing at all to do with painting. Art is a human act, a generous contribution, something that might not work, and it is intended to change the recipient for the better, often causing a connection to happen. Five elements that are difficult to find and worth seeking out. Human, generous, risky, change and connection. You can be perfect or you can make art. You can keep track of what you get in return, or you can make art. You can enjoy the status quo, or you can make art. The most difficult part might be in choosing whether you want to make art at all, and committing to what it requires of you.” -Seth Godin

Art is about contribution, generosity, connection, risk, being human, seeking change, being changed, and not settling for the status quo.

Art is about making things better and becoming better humans in the process. Art is about leading and service and may include paint and canvas, or not.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in... you're in the right place.

Where should I start?

If you resonate with making better art and a life...

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Austin Kleon says:

“Creativity isn’t magic. Creativity is for everyone.”

The question is not will I create something, the question becomes what will I create? It’s not magic, it’s part of being human.

The world needs your/our art.

It's not about the things you make or create, but the things you learn along the way, and the person you become in the process.

My mission is to help artists of all shapes and kinds tell their stories.

Glad you’re here.

 Another Bio (can't stop talking about myself)

Ryan J. Pelton has written multiple popular fiction and nonfiction books. He hosts The Prolific Creator podcast, teaches writers and creative folks how to make more and better art, pastors a great church, speaks, and makes art and other handcrafted designs on Etsy.

When Ryan isn't creating stuff and writing, he's watching the Clippers break his heart, honing his BBQ game, searching for good Mexican Food, and wishing the ocean was closer. Ryan lives in Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas, and is married to his high school sweetheart, has four children, and a puppy Milo.