My name is Ryan J. Pelton

I’m obsessive about creating things.

I create books, articles, courses, sermons, churches, ministries, businesses, talks, connections, podcasts, music, t-shirts, art, new ideas, deeper relationships, a better world, and other forms of art.

You may say: Ryan, your list is flawed. These creations aren’t technically artistic by nature. And I’d say: yes, but it all depends on how you define art.

One of my favorite definitions of art is from author and teacher Seth Godin:

“I define art as having nothing at all to do with painting. Art is a human act, a generous contribution, something that might not work, and it is intended to change the recipient for the better, often causing a connection to happen. Five elements that are difficult to find and worth seeking out. Human, generous, risky, change and connection. You can be perfect or you can make art. You can keep track of what you get in return, or you can make art. You can enjoy the status quo, or you can make art. The most difficult part might be in choosing whether you want to make art at all, and committing to what it requires of you.” -Seth Godin

When I think about creating things it doesn’t require a paint brush… it might. When I think about art, it could be writing a book or blog post, or starting a church. Art is about contribution, generosity, connection, being human, seeking change, or teaching someone a new skill.

Art will save the world.

I make lots of space in my life to make art, to be generous, forsake the status quo, and take risks for the benefit of others.

You don’t have to agree with Godin's definition of art. And that’s fine because I believe something else drives our innate desire to create and make things. A subtle hum in the soul that cries out for something more. Why? You, me, and every human is stamped by the Divine Artist, the Creator.

By implication it suggests every person is a work of art, and designed to reflect our maker as artists and creators. You and I are hardwired to create.

Austin Kleon says:

“Creativity isn’t magic. Creativity is for everyone.”

The question is not will I create something, the question becomes what will I create? It’s not magic, it’s part of being human.

The world needs your/our art.

All my life, I've followed the impulse of the Divine Artist which has led to some interesting places. Whether telling stories on a typewriter at the tender age of eight, making music with a college rock band, writing novels, starting three faith communities, two businesses, multiple blogs, and a couple podcasts. A common thread runs throughout these projects:

It's not about the things you make or create, but the things you learn along the way, and the person you become in the process.

My mission is to help artists of all shapes and kinds tell their stories. But more importantly, to find the mysterious truth behind it all:

Your story and my story are wrapped up in a larger narrative, a Story of all Stories, told by the Divine Artist. A story that gives your work and life ultimate value and meaning.

My blog and site are about contribution, generosity, and seeing what sticks. All tinged with hints of hope.

Glad you’re here.

What I'm Doing Now

Launched a Design Shop

I'm making some apparel, art, and other handcrafted designs on Etsy, and on other marketplaces.

Relaunching Podcast "The Prolific Creator"

From early 2017 - 2020, I hosted a popular podcast called The Prolific Writer. I interviewed some of the most prolific writers on the planet, and offered my thoughts on the craft and publishing.

In the summer of 2021, I will be relaunching the podcast as: The Prolific Creator. The show will broaden its interviews and content to writers, artists, entrepreneurs, and other leaders making art in the world.

Finished a Novel

I wrote a cozy mystery called "Perished in the Pool." The book is with the editors and will be live later this fall.

New Website and Coding

I moved my website to the Ghost platform. This has given me the fun opportunity to do some light coding. Learning new skills is always fun.


Deep dive into the parables of Jesus and first century culture and history. A great novel by Donald Westlake, The Practice by Seth Godin, and lots of other books.


I'm starting a doctorate program in the fall focused on church ministry, creativity, and writing. Words are sacred. How do we use words in culture to bring life, and not tear down? Excited to learn with students from around the country and world.


Ryan J. Pelton has written multiple popular fiction and nonfiction books. He hosts The Prolific Creator podcast, teaches writers and author-preneurs how to hone their craft and build publishing businesses, pastors a great church, speaks, and makes art and other handcrafted designs on Etsy.

When Ryan isn't creating stuff and writing, he's watching the Clippers break his heart, honing his BBQ game, searching for good Mexican Food, and wishing the ocean was closer. Ryan lives in Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas, and is married to his high school sweetheart, has four children, and a new puppy Milo.  

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