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A Sports Weekend for the Ages

A Sports Weekend for the Ages
Photo by Ambitious Creative Co. - Rick Barrett / Unsplash

If you live under a rock and missed the best football playoff game in the history of the NFL, well, that's on you. But through the magic of Youtube and the internet you can relive the moment.

Kansas City Chiefs down by three with thirteen seconds left. No way they can get into field goal range to tie the game, right? Wrong. No way they could go into overtime and win the game, right? Wrong. No way they could go to their fourth straight AFC Championship game... yes, that is correct.

The reason we watch sports are to experience these little gifts of grace, to see the unexplainable, and seemingly impossible. The magic. People will talk about this game for a long time.

And then one more gift... my Clippers come back from 35 points down to win by one tonight. On a three pointer, and one. Luke Kennard scored seven points in the last 11 seconds. Sports can be a lot of things, but they often give little gifts now and again. Gifts that bring us back for more.

For the nine Clipper fans in Kansas City... go Clips!