7 Things for the Maker Mind This Week

7 Things for the Maker Mind This Week

Hello, friends!

In our cultural moment here in America, with emotions running high. Sometimes you aren’t sure how to respond for fear of being labeled this or that. A quote from comedian Dave Chappelle carves a path forward:

“Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is if you disagree with someone's lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is to love someone means you agree with everything they believe, say, or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.”

Regardless of where we stand on the hot-button issues of the day, let’s error on the side of compassion. Talk about making great art with your life...

Now, seven things for better art and life.

The Seven

1. The Healing Power of Surfing

I’m a documentary idiot. I love them more than I should. Here’s a documentary that shares a couple of my passions: surfing and helping people. Don’t underestimate the stuff you’re doing, making, and sharing with the world. Worth twenty-seven minutes of your time. If you like surfing, or people doing cool stuff, check this one out too.

2. What Is Our Responsibility in Our Art?

The stuff we make can’t be only for self expression. It also should/can serve the greater good of people. Your art is an opportunity to love and serve others.

3. Words Matter

I’ve been carrying around this quote for a long time. It’s a reminder that our words matter and we should see them as sacred things. Our words will outlast our lives, so make them count.

4. A First-Time Novelist and the Challenges of Sharing Our Work

Sometimes we wonder if our work matters. Does this thing I’m making and sharing with the world make any difference? I’m here to say, yes, it does. Abagail Morrison listened to my podcast and got the inspiration she needed to get her book into the world. I will not take all the credit, but a reminder the work we’re doing matters. Enjoy our conversation!

5. For Every Makers Toolbox

If you have zero to no design skills, you need Canva. Even if you do, you need Canva. It is free, and they have a paid plan, but worth every penny. Create book covers, Facebook thumbnails, teaching outlines, graphics for your blog or website, so good!

6. The Future is Shaped by the Optimists

An interesting TED Talk from Kevin Kelly. Optimism doesn’t say the future will not be riddled with problems, but with many problems, is the need for greater optimism. A hope that incremental change is possible. You’ll also like his interview with Austin Kleon.

7. 1000 True Fans

A classic essay by Kevin Kelly reminding the creative community you can make a living with your art. Not a million fans, 1000 fans, and you’re good. It will take time, consistency, and a little luck. But it’s possible. Worth a read.

Some Parting Words

If you want to support my work. A new and simple way is through the podcast. Check out this opportunity below. If you want to be on the show, and have something interesting to offer, email me.

Go make great art with your life!


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