7 Things For the Maker Mind This Week

7 Things For the Maker Mind This Week

Today is my birthday, and it's Canada Day!

What’s the connection?

Nothing, but my Canadian wife likes to remind me I share a birthday with Canada.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and whatever challenges you’re facing… remember, life is a gift. Be thankful for today and go make great art with your life.

Now, seven things for better art and life.

The Seven

1. 15 Lessons on Creativity from the Beatles

Comedian and writer Matt Ruby shares helpful insights on the creative process from the latest documentary on the Beatles, “Get Back”. If you haven’t seen this film, check it out. The Beatles were geniuses, but understood creative work required work, hard work.

2. Is Brian Wilson a Genius?

The Beach Boys have stuck around for over 50 years. One reason is the ability of Brian Wilson to write songs we can relate to. His songs, while often simple lyrically speak to the longings we all share. In our creativity, how can we make and speak to things in ways that are relatable? Sometimes the obvious is more effective than the abstract.

3. You Have to be a Studio

Author and screenwriter Steven Pressfield talks about making lots of stuff. You can’t just have one thing in the works, you need multiple. Be a studio. A lot of application for art and life here.

4. The More Important the Work, the More Resistance

I’ve been a long-time fan of Steven Pressfield, so why not share one more idea from the man? If you’re engaging in a project and feel lots of resistance. You’re on the right track.

5. Counter-cultural Practices in a Busy World

In life and art, we often believe faster and more productive is better. I’d argue we need counter-cultural practices to do better work and be better humans.

6. Responding to Criticism with Love, Grace, and Truth

Let’s all agree, we can disagree on a lot of things. Nick Cave gives an example of how to respond to criticism with grace and truth. Not everyone will like our work, or like us, but we can do better in our response.

7. Fight Writer's Block with Transcription

Every writer of any stripe will find seasons of blockage. Some are severe, some are caused by laziness, and a plethora of reasons. Transcription is a great way to get out of your head and get some words on the page. I know a guy who writes every book with transcription.

Some Parting Words

Check out the slew of new interviews I did on The Prolific Creator podcast. If you want to be on the show, email me.

Go make great art with your life!


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