21 Things That Made My 2021

21 Things That Made My 2021
Photo by Sincerely Media / Unsplash

Hey, ya’ll!

Some things that made my 2021.

1. Kid’s going back to school and watching them play soccer, basketball, and take part in other school activities.

2. Started a doctorate program in April. I’m thankful for the new friendships being formed and the ways we’re being stretched and challenged.

3. Thankful for my wife Christy and celebrating our 20 year anniversary in Colorado (with no kid’s).

4. Thankful for my four kid’s and the ways they keep us humble, and remind us the Kingdom belongs to the little ones.

5. Thankful for our church family and the rich friendships and the millions of ways I see them growing in grace, and serving our city.

6. Thankful for our city (Kansas City), that provide long walks in the streets, parks, museums, great places to eat, solid schools for the kids, jobs, and a beautiful and eclectic community of people.

7. Books: lots and lots of books. “Art and Faith: Theology of Making,” “Echoes of Exodus,” “One Long River of Song,” “Breaking Bread with the Dead,” “Jesus the Great Philosopher,” “My Bright Abyss,” “Love Big, Be Well,” “A Burning in My Bones,” “Joy: 100 Poems,” “Simply Good News,” lots of novels, and other poetry.

8. TV: I enjoyed a few TV series this last year. “Succession,” “Cobra Kai,” “Station Eleven,” “Ernest Hemingway documentary,” “Music Box: series of music docs,” “Search Party,” “Tiger Woods doc,” and a few more.

9. Movies: “Christmas Vacation,” “Elf,” “News of the World,” “Spiderman,” “Shawshank Redemption,” “Western Stars,” and a few more.

10. Long bike rides and quiet moments of prayer and reflection.

11. Date lunches with my wife.

12. Learning how to design tee shirts and revisiting some artistic endeavors.

13. Making words and sermons and sharing gifts with others.

14. Long days at the pool with the family after work in the summer.

15. Ice Cream shop visits in the cold or on a hot day.

16. Camping with the family on Lake Michigan. More the lake, and less the camping.

17. A day at Air Venture in Wisconsin.

18. Seeing family and friends from near and far.

19. God’s goodness and mercy and sustaining grace. We’re here, and healthy (kind of), and life is a gift.

20. Round of golf with some friends, and disc golf with the kids.

21. Despite the plague, we’re still kicking.

May you experience grace upon grace in 2022!