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Motivation Monday's #003

Motivation Monday's #003

Hello, friends.

Hope you’re enjoying an extra day off with family, friends, and neighbors. We’re having some amazing fall weather which always helps the psyche.

Speaking of psyche. I’ve found making art and creating things is good for my soul and mental health. I find the more I consume, and the less I make and contribute, the less joy I experience. Can you relate?

Well, here are a few things worth sharing this week:

1. Updates: I made a blackout poem. This is an easy way to dive into poetry and get your creative juices flowing. Austin Kleon shows you how. I also did an interview on the podcast with mystery and crime thriller author Mark Bertrand. He also is a pastor. Delightful conversation on balancing multiple callings and creative outlets.

2. Reading: I’m reading poet and professor Christian Wiman about his faith journey, and some of his work. I’ve also enjoyed the work of Jim Wilder, a professed “neuro-theologian” for understanding the brain and joy.

3. Watching: Shepard Fairey is an artist and activist famous for creating the “Hope” poster for the President Obama campaign in 2008. A documentary shows the power of art for social change. I also suggest checking out this doc too on the same themes.

4. Listening: David Ramirez is on repeat. I’m also enjoying some classic Tom Petty.

5. Creative Inspiration: check out some of Shepard Fairey’s work, the artist I mentioned above.

Have a great week… and go and make great art with your life.